Today we are heading to Ayers Rock. It is only about 300km and all bitumen so it should be fairly easy going. After a quick refueling stop at Kings Creek (again a hefty $1.95/litre) we continued along the road. It wasn’t long before we saw 3 camels in the same area we saw them last night on the edge of the road. About 100metres further a pack of wild horses bolted across the road in front of us, and then another lot another few hundred meters away. We never have the video camera running when we need it!Mt Conner often mistaken for UluruSalt Pan

We reached the Lacester highway intersection at about 12 o’clock. A quick stop to get some more water from the van and then it was a right turn on towards Ayers rock. Not far up this road on the left hand side in the distance you can see glimpses of a huge rock formation. Then there is a lookout for it not much further along – Mt Connor. From the lookout you can walk up over a sand dune on the other side of the road and get an amazing view of a huge salt pan. Note for future – don’t attempt to walk in the red sand with thongs on….I think my toes have sustained third degree burns!

There are roadwork’s being conducted on this road and there is that much red dust flying around everywhere that you can’t see 10 meters in front of you!

I am surprised at the little amount of wildlife we have seen on our trip. Apart from farming animals, a few lizards, birds and the wild horses and camels from yesterday we really haven’t seen anything. Can’t say I blame them for not living in this heat! All the vegetation is a lot greener than what I was expecting though.