Today we clambered out of bed well before the sun was even thinking about rising with intentions to climb Uluru. While the traditional owners request that you do not climb the rock as it is disrespectful, I had plans to climb and respect – I can see their point of view when you see all the happy snappy people running around all over the place and not really appreciating the area for its significance.Climbing the rock is closed:

  • half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise
  • rains or storms likely within three hours
  • cloud descends below the summit
  • the temperature is forecast to be 36 degrees or more
  • wind speeds reach 25 knots
  • or the traditional owners request it for cultural reasons (usually an elder passing away)
  • additionally during the summer the climb closes at 8am

Sunrise at UluruAfter waiting at the rock watching the sun rise it was apparent that the rock would not be open today, the gusts of wind blew with enough force for it to make sense I guess, but I was still disappointed.

Valley of the Winds second lookoutAfter sunrise we headed off to The Olgas, or Kata Tjuta (Men’s Sacred Area). Here we headed off on the Valley of the Winds walk which is made up of three sections, 1hr, 2hr and 3hr walks. We both walked to the first lookout, and I continued to the second, and by this time it was already quite hot and I found the return trip, even though it was mostly down hill, very exhausting – but well worth the effort.