Anti Aircraft GunRefineryIn Whyalla today we spent some time soaking in the details of Hummock Hill where in February 1942 the 26th Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery installed four 3.7 inch AA guns. The majority of steel produced in Australia during World War Two was made from ore mined at Iron Knob nearby and Australia’s defense capacity depended on a single conveyor belt on Whyalla’s Number One iron ore loading jetty, so I guess a few guns are justified.Between October 1941 and August 1945 some 750,000 25-pound HE shell cases were manufactured. The plant also produced 4,100 fighter aircraft engine cylinders. Other measures in the town during the war included black outs, sandbagging and air raid shelters built.

What immediately strikes you about Whyalla is the red stain the whole area posses due to the red ore that is processed here, everything has a penetrating ore color. If it is not stained red its painted ore red to match.

Louth BayWe took the 10km detour to Lucky Bay in hope of seeing the ferry and as luck would have it when we arrived it was boarding, we watched it departing while enjoying lunch.

We spent the night at Louth Bay camp area, $5 per night, right on beach… perfect.