HippoWhen in Dubbo a visit to the Western Plains Zoo was on our must do list. So after arriving at the Zoo we were required to unhitch the van in the designated area.

ElephantNot really sure exactly what the purpose is to being able to ‘drive’ around the park – most exhibitions require parking the vehicle and walking a few hundred metres – sure some exhibits are along side the road, but many are not. So as you head around the Zoo you end up driving 500m, stopping and parking, walking a loop of say 500m then repeating the process.

A lot of people hired bicycles – which looked like the best way to go – weather permitting.

LionHighlights of the day included the Asian Elephants having a swim and the informative African Elephant talk and seeing the Hippo’s have their feed.

By about 2pm the rain had returned so we ended the Zoo tour and re-hitched the van in the rain before a few last minute ‘large town’ purchases.

We headed out of Dubbo towards Bourke, turning off the route to spend the night at a rest area just south of Warren.