We left the Meadow Glen Rest Area this morning and traveled the remaining 420km to Broken Hill. We drove around the town of Wilcannia on the way for a bit of a look. We were going to need more fuel but we decided to continue on and use what we had in the Jerry Cans rather than stopping!

We arrived at Broken Hill around lunch time – the first stop being the tourist information centre to see what was happening around town. We decided that we would go and see the Living Desert Art Sculptures just out of town at sunset, so we paid our $10 entry fee and a $20 deposit for a key to drive right up to the sculptures rather than walking the few kilometres the other way. For the rest of the day we checked into the Lake View Caravan Park as some clothes washing and battery charging was needed. I always feel much more at ease when we leave the van unhitched in a van park rather than at some random place!

When we saw that the sun was starting to descend we jumped in the car and headed off to the desert sculptures. The sculptures are amazing, and with the sunset in the backdrop they look awesome. Well worth a visit. The shots shrunk for the blog don’t really do it any justice – you’ll have to look at our full set of pictures at some stage!