picp1040856.JPGpicp1040847.JPGAfter returning the Living Desert Gate key to the visitor information centre we headed out towards Silverton to go on the Daydream Mine Underground Tour. Daydream Mine is an old silver mine which opened before mining began in Broken Hill. Mark would never have made it as a miner in those days – he’s way too tall! Not a tour fo those who are claustrophobic….We went down three levels in the mine, donned in our helmets and headlamps. Lucky we had those helmets coz even I smashed my head on the roof about a dozen times.

Next it was onto the town of Silverton (about 25km out of Broken Hill) to have a look around. Quite an interesting town. Several movies have been filmed around here. Check out http://www.silverton.org.au/ if you want more info. There are a few old buildings (some turned into art galleries), a museum which was quite impressive, a pub with a replica of Mad Max’s V8 Interceptor parked outside and even some donkey’s who were quite interested in looking into our car!





We then came back to Broken Hill to spend another night in the Van Park before heading into the never-never tomorrow.