After studying the maps and road condition websites we charted our route from Tibooburra. The plan as it stands is Cameron Corner over the border to SA, towards Merty Merty homestead turning right onto the Strzelecki Track, into Innamincka to refuel and camp.

Road to Cameron CornerWe pulled off from Tibooburra not quite sure what to expect. The road was nothing like I imagined it. I expected a couple of wheel tracks and lots of sand, however the roads are wide and well maintained. You could quite easily manage them with a 2WD vehicle in the dry.

Of course there are sections of corrugations and lots of rocks that get sprayed everywhere (and inflict a fair amount of damage) and you have to be wary of the wheel rut marks created from where people have driven the road when wet. Seeing how deep some of these ruts are makes it apparent why the authorities are so keen to close roads.

Cameron Corner StoreDog FenceAt Cameron Corner we spent a little time checking out the Dingo Fence and jumping around between SA, NSW and QLD at the border marker. We stopped in at the Corner Store and refueled with the most expensive fuel so far, $1.85/L thankfully we only needed 20 liters odd to top the tanks back up.

Once we joined the Strzelecki Track there was quite a lot of traffic and we often passed road gangs laying sections of new road – which basically looked like dumping a whole heap of dirt, packing it down, wetting it, packing and rolling it some more… voila new road.

Moomba RefineryThere is a lot of oil and gas extraction around this area, as we came over the rise near Moomba the spectacle of a massive oil and gas refinery was an amazing contrast after so much of so little.

We arrived at Innamincka just in time to catch the ‘Trading Post’ (the general store) we had about 10 minutes to spare.

Since the phone lines were down (and had been for some time with no means of contacting Telstra) there was no EFTPOS, thankfully we had some ‘emergency’ cash on hand to cover the fuel – otherwise we would of been it a spot of bother with the next leg of our trip being the longest without fuel, some 520km which with these road conditions is stretching the friendship in regards to fuel usage.

Innamincka Trading PostSince the phone lines were down, it also made contacting our at home contact a problem, how to report back that we where OK and our schedule was on track, especially since it was going to be at least 2 days before we could make contact again. Luckily they had Internet access, satellite I assume, and we were able to fire off an email.

Sunset at Burke and Wills Dig Tree CampsiteWhile at the store we also paid for our parks day pass and camping fees, which turned out to be a complete waste of money as the spot we had picked to camp at was closed. So we missed out on Burkes grave, closed due to the previous bad weather.

We continued on to Burke & Wills Dig Tree, where we paid the ‘honesty box’ and spent the night.