Unhitching the van at the old windmill we headed into Birdsville for fuel and in hunt of Big Red – the legendary huge sand dune featured on every 4WD magazine at some stage. Some quick directions from the friendly local store and we headed out of town. 

“Head out of town, you will come across Little Red and just follow the track around to the right to Big Red.”

Little RedWe found Little Red about 30km out of town, after a quick walk to the top to check out what was on the other side of the dune (a really step descent in one section to avoid) it was up and over without any issues.

Over the other side we followed the track around to the right and found ourselves facing a rather large flood plain area around Lake Nappanerica. After a lot of driving around in circles we found a side track that took us around the flooded area along the side of a dune.

We continued to follow this track for many kilometers, Big Red was nowhere to be seen, this had us scratching our heads wondering how we missed such a big sand dune. The track continued all the dune around the end and back down the near side. Returning to where we started we almost gave up on finding Big Red.

Big RedBig Red sand duneWhen returning to Little Red we found a little track around to the right just before Little Red started. So we followed it a few hundred yards and low on behold there was Big Red. We made our way up the dune without any difficulties, I admit we took the easier eastern side of the dune, but since the steeper western side lead down to the flood plains we had just avoided the easy way would have to do.

Tea AnyoneBack in Birdsville we hitched up, refueled and headed to Boulia. Somewhere between the two towns we found a nice spot to microwave a meat pie, watch a little bit of television while keeping warm around the kitchen oven.