Road Conditions for DonahueDropping in at the visitors center this morning suggested that the planned route to Alice Springs via the Donohue/Plenty Hwy would take some time due to poor road conditions and ‘high clearance 4wd only’ signage.

Ant MoundHuge Ant MoundAlong the highway we came across a huge ant mound, while there where many large ant mounds scattered around the bush, this one right beside the road was massive. We did not see any ants around, maybe they got sick of all the travelers having a gawk and moved on.

Pulling in to refuel at Jervois homestead I found a sign made up of stick on letters, most of then had long gone missing. It contained two lines, the first I made out to be something along the lines of ‘press button for service’, the second line was still unclear… but as soon as I pressed the button, the thundering noise the horn made me jump a foot or two into the air… now the second line is obvious ‘warning horn is loud’.

We spent the night at Jervois homestead just beside the dry Marshall River, quite a nice spot which even had showers at a minimal fee for campers.