Well today I took stock of how much pain we had inflicted on the van over the last week of gravel roads.

  • a split plumbing fitting for the shower hot water
  • numerous rock dents on the caravans front paneling
  • some heavily rock bashed checker plate trim
  • two front windows that refused to stay locked shut over the ruts
  • an emergency brake-away brake cable almost severed
  • some waste water plumbing missing a section thanks to a rock strike
  • a bunch of electrical cables that refused to stay tucked in the chassis rail
  • busted front boot drain plumbing
  • absolutely hammered rear water tank stone guard
  • a fridge that decided to stop cooling
  • fridge cosmetic front panel that kept dropping out
  • two fridge door shelves gave way to gravity cracking plastic tabs
  • several screws worked out of the oven and aided some pot rivets to sheer
  • an under sink water filter that felt like taking a walk
  • a sliding door that refused to lock for traveling
  • several overhead cupboards that failed to stay shut and emptied their contents all over the floor
  • miscellaneous screws working themselves out and missing pot rivets

Other than the non-cooling fridge, most of the items are more annoying than disastrous. Thankfully the caravan park we are staying in also happens to be the largest caravan repairer in the Northern Territory.

So today was spent screwing, fixing, removing and refitting where necessary. Leonora is not impressed at all!!!

Split plumbing fittingTaping the windows shutBusted waste plumbingEnsuring those electrical cables stay putHammered water tank guardSliding door that refused to stay lockedScrews working loseMissing pot rivets