Always read the signsLeaving Alice Springs today we headed to Kings Canyon. Rather than following the bitumen all the way we chose to take the 100km short cut over Ernest Giles Road, a dirt road that would save us Busted crockeryabout 140km. We of course ignored the ‘Caravans Not Recommended’ signage.The first 70km of the road was fine and uneventful, but the last 30km was heavily corrugated. Travelling the last section hovering around 20km/h was extremely painful, so much for a shortcut. We lost some of our crockery due to another overhead cupboard failing to stay shut.

Kings Canyon at 46 degreesThis evening we went for a short walk into Kings Canyon just before sunset to investigate the ‘Rim Walk‘ around the edge of the canyon. It was around 6pm and the thermometer at the information sign still showed 46 degrees. We took the Kings Creek Walk at around 1hr return.